Measuring and Calibration equipment:
All of our equipment is supplied by Mitutoyo. We have a full range of digital verniers, micrometers, bore micrometers, DTI's, grade 2 carbide slip gauges and for calibration purposes we use the very finest range of Mitutoyo Grade 1 ceramic slip gauges. Due to our investment in certified Grade 1 ceramic slip gauges we can calibrate our own measuring equipment ion house to maintain accuracy and ensure consistency.
Trens Trenčín SUI 500 Combi:
This combination type lathe allows for both manual and CNC operation and its specifications allow us to machine a very wide range of materials. Trens TrenčÍn, formerly known as Tos Kuřim are a European company who  have been building lathes since 1942. The machines is heavily built and features 6 speed gearbox. This makes it capable of producing high torque in first gear and heavy cutting conditions yet up to 2800 rmp for high-speed machining of lightweight materials. Fitted with Heidenhain Manual Plus M control, it features a large selection of sub-routines for roughing, finishing, drilling, boring, rigid tapping, threading cycles and spindle orientation.

CNC control: Heidenhain iTNC 530
Our Cincinnati FTV is fitted with the most up-to-date Heidenhain iTNC 530 control. The SmarT.NC feature is a recent addition by Heindenhain and is a great step forward in terms of programming speed and capability. The machine uses both RS232 and Ethernet connections for downloading CAM programs and the control is also capable for extracting data from a DXF file for contouring and positional information without the need for printed drawings.

Automatic tool setting: Renishaw TS27R
Another feature of the machine is a tool setting probe from Renishaw which measures both tool length and diameter to within 10 microns and automatically updates the control with this information. This allows for better dimensional relationships and consistency of components. During production runs, the machine is programmed to automatically measure tools during cycles and when worn beyond a set limit they are locked out from further use and pre-set tool takes over. This is known as 'sister tool technology' and requires no operator input after setup.

Cincinnati FTV-840/2500:
Newly installed in January 2007 and built to our exact specifications, The Cincinnati FTV offers an unprecedented level of accuracy, speed and power. With a travelling column design, the table stays fixed with the column carrying out all axis movements. This allows foe very large oversized and heavy parts to be machined in one setup with no need for  secondary operations. Guaranteed dimensional relationships and consistency of components is a major advantage of this design. Despite its size the FTV is one of the most accurate machines on the market with temperature compensated glass linear scales from Heidenhain giving a positional  accuracy of +/- 1 micron on all axis.
Cincinnati FTV-840/2500
CNC control: Heidenhain iTNC 530
Renishaw TS27R
tres trencin SUI 500
Measuring and Calibration equipment